Client Testimony


Tiffany V., Project Manager, San Francisco

Eleanor's service felt personalized and attentive the whole way through. She begins with getting to know her clients, and I felt totally comfortable being honest with her about where I'm at with my fashion needs and sustainability education.

Her supportive and non-judgmental approach really helped to open up my understanding of the many issues facing the industry. I love that she gave me so many options within the catalogue - both in terms of style and impact.  Opening up the catalogue was like Christmas morning - I was so excited and impressed. Eleanor has a keen eye and chose a ton of outfits and pieces that worked perfectly with my personality and body shape. She also delivered options in a variety of price points, giving me the flexibility to pick and choose what works best for my budget. As a consumer, I was thrilled to see that I could put my money towards the issues that I cared about the most, whether it was female empowerment, water waste, or any other mission that I identify with.  

Although I live in the SF Bay Area, I was not put off by the physical distance between me and Eleanor.  In fact, never once did I feel like the service would have been better if she were by my side, since it felt like she was right there with me via phone, video conference, and email.  I feel so lucky to have worked with such a knowledgeable and fun industry expert and advocate. I am sure anyone who gives it a go will love it too!


Matthew C., Design Director, New York City

Most stylists are focused on getting their clients the 'look' they are going for, but often neglect to seriously consider how the clothes they recommend were made and the environmental and human impact of their production. Eleanor takes great care in listening to what her clients actually want — not only from a style perspective but also from the perspective of which issues are important to them and what they value in order to make sure the clothes they wear reflect that. Eleanor took a long time getting to understand the type of wardrobe I currently have and helped me identify some immediate changes I could make to ensure my wardrobe will be more sustainable going forward. She then spoke with me about which style updates I was hoping to make and how I could do so without having a net-negative impact on the issues I care about.

After my initial consultation, Eleanor presented a catalog of several different clothing pieces by sustainable fashion brands, taking the time to walk me through each one and why she had individually selected it for me. It was clear she had done an extensive amount of research based on the number of options, but it was also clear she had listened carefully to my concerns since all of the brands were closely aligned with my own sustainability goals. On top of this, her intuition for what I was looking for style-wise was spot on — nearly every piece felt like something I could see myself immediately wearing.

Beyond having a great selection of new clothing that I can now confidently purchase, my service also provided me with valuable knowledge I can use going forward. I now have several new brands I know I can trust for future purchases, but I've also learned a lot about the fashion industry overall and gained some insights into how I can more consciously build a wardrobe that's true to both my style and my values.


Annie B., Marketing Specialist, Chicago

Over the years, I’ve become much more conscious of the impact my clothing purchases can have on the environment and other humans and at this point, it felt like I was missing a few pieces to my closet puzzle. I knew I wanted to learn and purchase from sustainable brands while at the same, elevating the style I’d honed over the years. That’s when Eleanor stepped in.

Eleanor helped me with so many aspects of this transition. The virtual closet clean out was a perfect way to take a holistic look at my closet together. With Eleanor’s closet clean out method, she made it simple for me to see everything in my closet without worrying too much about how things were folded and I could focus on taking a thorough inventory. I ended up donating and recycling about a 1/3 of my closet!

Eleanor didn’t try to convince me to replace my whole closet with a new look and all new brands. Instead, she introduced me to really cool new ways to style the pieces I already had in my closet. She showed me how incorporate those with the new, more conscious pieces I would later go on to purchase from my personalized style guide. One thing I was worried about before this process was that with a limited budget, that the number of affordable, sustainable brands out there are limited too. Eleanor showed me the value of investment pieces and introduced me to so many very cool sustainable brands with pieces that make me feel like the badass boss lady I am!